Jaime Wyatt's 'Felony Blues' is included in Noisey's top 100 albums of the year, clocking in at #60!


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Despite the outlaw country revival and popularity of Americana, country music is still in an identity crisis, torn between pop-friendly depictions of happiness and the downright ugliness of real life. Jaime Wyatt—a real-life outlaw from way out west who’s giving teeth to the genre after quietly joining the country music ranks earlier this year after a stint in prison for robbing her dealer—represents a grittier side of the genre. Felony Blues puts together an intimate portrait of a woman-turned-outlaw: “From Outer Space” details the alienating feeling a fuck-up of that proportion creates in a person, while “Giving Back the Best of Me” and “Your Loving Saves Me” reach out and beg their subject to still see them as who they were before. Not everything is awful though, and both “Stone Hotel” and “Wasco” focus on flaunting a little of the street cred a felony can bring in some circles. It’s tough as nails, and at times, arrogant, but have you ever met a cowboy-type with a worthwhile take on life who isn’t? —Annalise Domenighini