Hypnogaja was founded by lead vocalist ShyBoy (Jason Arnold) and keyboardist Mark Nubar. The band released several recordings including Below Sunset, described by Outburn magazine as "enthralling, first-rate modern rock," Apple.com as "soulful rock with a subtle electronic backdrop," and the Denver Post as music that "pushes boundaries.” Their last LP Truth Decay was hailed by Outburn as an "expertly crafted album."

Winner of the Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Alternative Artist and Best Male Vocal (for ShyBoy’s performance of the Donna Summer classic “On The Radio”), Hypnogaja toured the U.S. and Canada, and collaborated with several notable artists including SlimKid3 of The Pharcyde and legendary singer-songwriter Wendy Waldman. 

Numerous TV shows, movies, and games have featured Hypnogaja's music, including America’s Next Top Model (CW), Warehouse 13 (SyFy), the Scream 4 movie trailer (Dimension), FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage (Warner Bros.), Roswell (WB), Sex And The City (HBO), The Looking Glass Wars (Scholastic), Valentine (Warner Bros.), and many others. 

ShyBoy was named the LA Weekly Best Solo Artist 2017. His releases includes the end title for the multi-platinum Campcom game The Devil May Cry 4, five singles with RuPaul from the Emmy Award-winning VH1 TV series RuPaul’s Drag Race, and the critically acclaimed album Water on Mars, co-produced by Hypnogaja bandmate Nubar.



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