Big Sounds International

Big Sounds International began around the turn of the century, out of an airy corner office overlooking the famed Emperor Norton Records warehouse. For a while, we had a good run with many car ads, product spots, and even one of the first iPod ads. The music placement world isn’t what it used to be, but we’re hoping you’ll still have a listen. With the help of the kind folks at PEN Music Group, we invite you to dig into the sounds of these artists that we still like to help out with licensing, including: the propulsive guitars capes of The Grassy Knoll; the jazz/lounge stylings of Joey Altruda; the slashing post punk guitar chunking of SchwaB and the Lobster Sound Tracks crew; Mexico City’s DJ/electronica innovator Wagoner and NSM…PSM; garage rock legends Cato Salsa Experience; blues rock blasters The Heavy Glow; and even an occasional cut from the iconic Incredible Bongo Band and the folks at Mr. Bongo Records.



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